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Looking for the best car insurance in Texas? Drivers in Texas have a variety of needs for Texas car insurance due to the vast size and diversity of our great state. Your individual needs for coverage are going to be different if you live and drive a vehicle in the panhandle, the colonias, Tornado Alley or the Urban Triangle of Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.

Getting quotes on your coverage before you pay out a single penny is important for several reasons. Folks who get rate quotes prior to purchasing coverage are more likely to save money and find adequate protection than those who simply take the first offer they find.

The following quote guide to finding the best auto insurance in Texas will advise you on where to find unbiased and factual insurance information, how to get comparable quotes from reputable companies, and offer tips on using those quotes to get an affordable policy.

Unbiased and Factual Data for Finding the Best TX Car Insurance

Any time you are uncertain about information an agent gives you or so-called facts you read online, check with the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). This state regulated entity is not affiliated with any insurance provider. Their goal is to help Texans get affordable and adequate coverage for everyone on the road. So if a Texas auto insurance agent tells you that their company offers the best Texas car insurance then check their facts!

One of the challenges in our large state is that about 20% of drivers are uninsured. Scary! According the TDI this drives rates for those of us who do pay insurance premiums up by about $1 billion dollars. To further the goal of ensuring the safety of everyone, and the affordability for all, the state instituted the Texas Sure Vehicle Insurance Program. This is a database that collects information on your license plate, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and your liability insurance coverage. The state says you must carry that coverage in 25/50/25. The Texas Sure database means that officials can immediately track this information for any driver on the road.

The state law says that you must prove you can pay for any accident you cause. Insurance is the easiest way for most of us to do that. Fines, if you don’t, start at $350 and quickly escalate from there to the loss of your license.

How to Get Reputable Texas Car Insurance Quotes

To help you compare insurance companies the state offers a rate guide for finding the best Texas auto insurance. You can take the time to submit your information and the state will send you a list of the average rate quotes from the top 25 companies in the state, as determined by volume. Another way to find out if companies you are considering are stable is to look up their ratings with independent auditors like Fitch, A.M. Best, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s. While each group uses different criteria to determine a company’s strength, you will find their ratings are usually similar.

Another method to compare policies is to use one of the many online rate quote tools that are offered, free of charge, on the top of this page. There are several benefits to these devices. First of all, they are often provided by a third party who is not tied to one insurance company. (Make sure of this beforehand, or you will only be given information on that one insurer.)

Also, these tools offer a time saving bonus. Typically, you will be required to enter your basic information like type of car, usage and driving record only one time. Instead of having to go to website after website, this software takes the information and sends it to several providers on your behalf. The ones who want your business will send you a quote and you get to compare them.

The other plus to this method is that it eliminates the mistake of giving different information to different companies. It’s not uncommon that a driver will get so overwhelmed that he or she gets a rate quote on the minimum coverage from one company, and slightly higher coverage or additional riders from another. This makes it almost impossible to honestly evaluate the different costs and benefits.

Tips on Using Your Texas Car Insurance Quotes

Once you have a few quotes in hand, it can really pay to take one more step. Contact your top three choices and ask them what discounts you qualify for. Piggybacking policies, being a good driver or student, or installing anti-theft and safety devices are some of the most popular discounts available. These discounts can catapult your third choice up to number one really fast.

Also, if the quotes still seem out of your budget, ask about adapting the deductible and premium to make your monthly payments even lower. This will result in a higher out of pocket payment if you are in an accident. So use this option only if you can afford to when an accident occurs.

Finally, keep in mind that your coverage needs to provide for your risk factors. If you drive 80 miles per hour on I-10 or I-20 daily then having uninsured motorist cover is probably very important. If you drive a 15 year old clunker without bank financing then don’t waste your money on collision. Most importantly, get some quotes so that you know what your options are. Enter your Texas zip code above to get started comparing the best Texas car insurance quotes online now!

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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