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Car Insurance in Round Rock [Cheap Rates + Best Coverage]

Round Rock, TXDetails
City Population123,678
City Density4,732 people per square mile
Average Cost of Insurance$5,098.85
Cheapest Car Insurance CompanyUSAA
Road ConditionsPoor Share — 16%
Mediocre Share — 32%
Fair Share —  8%
Good Share — 44%
Vehicle Operating Costs — $507

Choosing the right car insurance isn’t an easy task. Even if you spend hours reviewing and comparing providers online, you often find yourself left with a list of options that’s a little overwhelming.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, you’re left to choose which one has the best rates for you while providing the most robust coverage. How, exactly, do the various factors affect your insurance rates in Round Rock, Texas?

Luckily, finding the right car insurance for you doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Below you’ll find all the necessary research and data to help guide your purchase, along with some other interesting information about insuring your vehicle in Round Rock.

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Table of Contents

The Cost of Car Insurance in Round Rock, Texas

To make sure you know what to expect when it comes to the cost of your car insurance in Round Rock, we’ve broken down insurance premiums by age, gender, ZIP code, and much more.

Below you’ll find all of the information you need to help you choose the right insurance plan for you.

Male vs. Female vs. Age

While your insurance rates are determined by a number of items, two of the biggest factors insurance companies use when determining your premiums are your age and your gender. Here is how gender may affect your rates in Round Rock.


According to City Data, the median age in Round Rock is 33.7 years, which is right in line with the Texas state average of 34.7 years. This means that most drivers won’t have to worry about the higher rates that most insurance companies charge their youngest customers.

DemographicRate (Unordered)DemographicRate (Cheapest)
Married 35-year-old female$2,200.62Married 60-year-old female$2,069.01
Married 35-year-old male$2,264.81Married 60-year-old male$2,179.42
Married 60-year-old female$2,069.01Married 35-year-old female$2,200.62
Married 60-year-old male$2,179.42Married 35-year-old male$2,264.81
Single 17-year-old female$6,190.15Single 25-year-old female$2,698.87
Single 17-year-old male$7,371.96Single 25-year-old male$2,851.85
Single 25-year-old female$2,698.87Average$3,478.33
Single 25-year-old male$2,851.85Single 17-year-old female$6,190.15
Average$3,478.33Single 17-year-old male$7,371.96

The table above provides the average annual rates for car insurance in Round Rock based on age, gender, and marital status.

Generally speaking, 17-year-old drivers are charged the highest rates, with males being rated higher than females, while 60-year-old drivers of both genders are charged the lowest rates. Based on age difference alone, there’s a $5,107.15 difference in rates between 17-year-old males and 60-year-old males.

The table below gives more details about the way marital status and gender affect your rates in Round Rock.

Married 35-year-old femaleMarried 35-year-old maleMarried 60-year-old femaleMarried 60-year-old maleSingle 17-year-old femaleSingle 17-year-old maleSingle 25-year-old femaleSingle 25-year-old maleAverage

As you can see from the information above, your marital status can and does affect the rates car insurance providers charge for your premium. The reason behind this is that, statistically, married drivers are more likely to be emotionally and financially stable, making them more responsible behind the wheel and a lower insurance risk.

These aren’t the only factors that go into your rate, however. Continue reading below to find out what other information insurance companies use to calculate your premium.

Cheapest ZIP Codes in Round Rock

ZIPAverage Annual Rate

While the city you live in can play a part in your rates at a state level, the ZIP code you live in within Round Rock can also have a sizable influence on your rates, as well.

The cost of coverage in your ZIP code can vary based on things such as crime levels and weather patterns, so moving from one neighborhood to another can drastically change your insurance premiums if it puts you in a different ZIP code — even if you stay within the same city.

Round Rock has only one ZIP code, but if the city continues to grow, that may change, so it’s good to understand how your ZIP code affects your rates.

What’s the best car insurance company in Round Rock?

If you’re concerned about the way drivers are rated by age, gender, and ZIP code, don’t worry too much. While these factors can and do affect your insurance rates, every carrier has its own unique process for determining how much to charge for insurance.

To help you find the best insurance available to you, we’ve broken down rates in Round Rock by some of the many other factors that can affect your premiums. A little bit of research can help you find the company offering the best rates for you and your household.

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates by Company

GroupMarried 35-year-old femaleMarried 35-year-old maleMarried 60-year-old femaleMarried 60-year-old maleSingle 17-year-old femaleSingle 17-year-old maleSingle 25-year-old femaleSingle 25-year-old maleAverage
American Family$2,593.83$2,896.80$2,465.49$2,831.17$7,155.03$9,370.26$3,775.56$4,313.31$4,425.18
State Farm$2,049.62$2,049.62$1,829.78$1,829.78$5,008.25$6,399.13$2,235.19$2,301.03$2,962.80

While insurance rates are determined by your age, marital status, and ZIP code, there can still be a significant cost difference, sometimes upwards of thousands of dollars, between companies.

For example, in the table above you can see that rates for a 17-year-old male can be anywhere from $4,334 to $11,278, which is proof that just because you’re in a higher rating bracket doesn’t mean there’s no way to save money on your insurance.

Based on this information, you should choose your insurance carrier based on the rates they charge for your particular demographic instead of choosing a company because they’re generally cheaper than their competition.

Best Car Insurance for Commute Rates

According to the Federal Highway Administration, in 2016, Texans drove an average of 17,099,340 miles across the state. The table below shows the rate for drivers in Round Rock based on their commute.

Group10-mile commute, 6,000 annual miles25-mile commute, 12,000 annual milesAverage
American Family$4,425.18$4,425.18$4,425.18
State Farm$2,962.80$2,962.80$2,962.80

As you can see in the table above, not every carrier charges higher rates based on the length of your commute, but there are many who do.

Depending on the company, you could save hundreds of dollars with a shorter commute, so if you already have a short commute or you can reduce your weekly commute by working from home or making other schedule changes it could be to your financial benefit to do so.

If you have a longer commute than average, you might be able to save money on your insurance by choosing a company that doesn’t rate by distance.

Best Car Insurance for Coverage Level Rates

American Family$4,851.17$4,145.45$4,278.93$4,425.18
State Farm$3,125.97$2,805.55$2,956.88$2,962.80

The table above shows the average rates of insurance in Round Rock based on coverage levels. Choosing lower levels of coverage can keep your premiums affordable, but you could be missing out on vital insurance coverage you need to keep yourself financially secure, so choose your coverage levels wisely.

The difference in premium between the highest and lowest levels of coverage is sometimes as little as $300 or $400 a year, which means that choosing full coverage might not cost as much as you’d think. Consider your budget carefully, of course, but it’s possible to elect higher coverage levels without going broke.

Best Car Insurance for Credit History Rates

Though it may be unexpected to many, your credit history can play an important role in determining your insurance premium. Some states prevent insurance companies from using your credit history to determine your rates, but Texas isn’t one of them.

This could change in the future, though, so be sure to stay abreast of any changes in the law when it comes to insurance.

The table below shows how your credit history can affect your insurance rates.

American Family$3,855.38$3,366.24$6,053.93$4,425.18
State Farm$2,611.90$2,081.76$4,194.74$2,962.80

All the insurance companies above charge at least a $783 difference between a good credit rating and a poor credit rating, with more than a $2,000 difference in rates for some companies.

While this can seem overwhelming, this means that improving your credit score is a simple way to help reduce your insurance premiums in the future.

Best Car Insurance for Driving Record Rates

While there are some people who are surprised that your credit rate can affect your insurance rates, nobody should be surprised to hear that your driving record is one of the determining factors for your annual premium.

GroupClean recordWith 1 accidentWith 1 DUIWith 1 speeding violationAverage
American Family$4,015.39$5,161.72$4,508.23$4,015.39$4,561.78
State Farm$2,622.01$3,021.14$3,586.04$2,622.01$3,076.40

Each company is different. Some companies won’t change your rates at all for a single speeding ticket, while others will increase your rates by a few hundred dollars a year.

On the other side of the equation, many companies may significantly increase your rates if you have a DUI, but others may only raise your rates by a few hundred dollars.

Choosing the right company could save you thousands of dollars a year, which is why you should shop around when getting quotes for your car insurance.

Car Insurance Factors in Round Rock

Many vital factors can affect your insurance coverage and rates in Round Rock. Below are some of the most recent reports to help you determine just how much money you should be spending on your car insurance.

Metro Report — Growth and Prosperity

The data our researchers gathered from the Brookings Institution’s annual Metro Monitor Report is below. The Metro Monitor breaks down the economic performance of the 100 largest metropolitan regions in the country, giving you an idea of how your major metropolitan area is doing economically.

The Metro Monitor tracks several factors by region, including growth and prosperity, and charts the rate of change over the previous one, five, and 10 years, breaking the data down into composite scores.

Because of the size of the city, Round Rock is included in the rankings for the San Antonio metropolitan area.

  • Percentage change in jobs at young firms: +3.1 percent
  • Percentage change in jobs:+2.0 percent
  • Percentage change in Gross Metropolitan Product: +0.7 percent
  • Percentage change in standard of living: -1.2 percent
  • Percentage change in productivity: -1.3 percent
  • Percentage change in average annual wage: +0.8 percent

These statistics show an increase in job growth and a decrease in standard of living in the San Antonio metropolitan area. While the city still ranks among the top 40 best performing metro areas for prosperity and job growth, San Antonio and the surrounding cities, including Round Rock, are fighting inflation and other issues, just like the rest of the country.

Median Household Income

When you consider how much money drivers spend on their insurance each year, it’s a good idea to know exactly how much of your income is devoted to your insurance premiums. The income information below is based on statistics from Data USA.

Annual Wages201720162015
Bexar County$54,175.00$53,210.00$52,286.00
Round Rock$76,295.00$74,087.00$72,412.00
San Antonio/New Braunfels$56,774.00$56,105.00$55,083.00
State of Texas$59,206.00$56,565.00$55,653.00
United States$60,336.00$57,617.00$55,775.00

Round Rock residents have an average annual income of about $76,295, which is significantly higher than the average nationwide income of $60,336.

Round Rock residents saw a 2.98 percent increase in income growth between 2016 and 2017, but what does that mean for your car insurance premiums? The average cost of car insurance in Round Rock is $5,098.85, which means that about 6.68 percent of the typical driver’s income is devoted to their car insurance premiums.

To determine the percentage of your income spent on your car insurance, take the amount of your premium divided by your income (either gross or net) and then multiply by 100.

For example, if a driver is earning $40,000 and paying $2,000 for insurance each year, they spend 5 percent of their gross income on their car insurance each year.

As a driver gets older, their insurance rates will change, but other factors such as their ZIP code and marital status will also affect their rates, which means they may not be able to predict whether their rates will increase or decrease over time.

You can use our calculator above to determine the percentage of income you’re spending on your car insurance.

Homeownership in Round Rock

Owning a home can significantly reduce your car insurance rates. While these two things may not initially seem like they should be connected, the concept behind this rating factor is that someone who is responsible enough (and financially stable enough) to own a home is more likely to be able to pay their insurance premiums than someone who isn’t.

Additionally, many insurance companies offer a multi-line discount to their customers, so owning a home and signing up for homeowners insurance through the same company you use to insure your vehicle can bring your insurance rates down even further.

There is also the thought that having commitments like a mortgage or a spouse makes people more likely to drive safer than they otherwise might, which is another factor insurance companies consider when determining your rates.

In 2017, 62.4 percent of housing units in Round Rock were owner-occupied, which was a slight increase from 2016, but slightly lower than the national average of 63.9 percent.

The median property value in Round Rock was $210,000 in 2017, with more than $3,000 in annual property taxes.

Education in Round Rock

Round Rock, Texas, is home to a small number of universities, including The Art Institute of Austin and South University-Austin. The student population of Round Rock has more women than men, with 611 male students and 760 female students.

The most popular majors in Round Rock are recording arts technology, webpage, digital, and information resource design, and game and interactive media design.

Nearby, San Antonio is home to a number of colleges and universities, including the University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio College, and Northwest Vista College. In 2016 alone, universities in San Antonio awarded over 29,112 degrees to graduating students.

When thinking about college, consider that many insurance companies give discounts to students who maintain a certain grade point average. If you or your child are in college it might be worth it for you to ask your insurance company about good student discounts.

There is no average tuition listed for Round Rock, but the average tuition in nearby San Antonio is $27,000 for private four-year colleges, $5,039 for in-state students at public four-year colleges, and $15,636 for out-of-state students at public four-year colleges, so saving money on your car insurance is a great way to free up funds to pay for pricey tuition fees.

Wage by Race and Ethnicity in Common Jobs

If you’ve wondered about how factors such as race and ethnicity affect wages, the table below reveals the most recent stats from Data USA regarding wages for common jobs in Texas, along with the percentage of income going to car insurance for those individuals.

There is no specific information for drivers in Round Rock, so the information below applies to the entire state of Texas.

EthnicityMiscellaneous ManagersPercentage of Income Going to Car InsuranceDriver/Sales Workers and Truck DriversPercentage of Income Going to Car InsuranceElementary and Middle School TeachersPercentage of Income Going to Car InsuranceRetail SalespersonsPercentage of Income Going to Car InsuranceCashiersPercentage of Income Going to Car Insurance
American Indian$111,1595.30%$35,40016.50%$46,91412.50%$26,12222.40%$11,05453%
Two or More Races$86,4316.80%$39,00715%$45,61812.80%$21,09227.80%$12,08048.50%

Wages for the same job vary widely based on race and ethnicity, with some people earning 50 percent less than others for the same exact job. Depending on your wages, the percentage of income you spend on insurance could be more than half of your annual earnings for entry-level positions.

The highest-earning demographic in managerial roles still spend more than 5 percent of their income on their auto insurance.

Wage by Gender in Common Jobs

While some people might consider the concept controversial, the gender wage gap is real, and there are plenty of statistics to prove it. While there are no statistics specific to Round Rock, the information below is for the state of Texas.

In 2017, full-time male workers in Texas earned about 1.4 times more than female workers, with the highest discrepancy in higher-paid, managerial positions.

  • Female average salary — $47,183
  • Male average salary — $65,834

These numbers indicate a $18,700 wage gap between the genders. This is an average across multiple positions and industries, but there’s a clear difference in salaries between the genders for the same position, so even if male and female employees have the exact same job role, the data shows that men are the higher earners.

This means that women are likely to spend a higher portion of their income on car insurance, even if they have a lower rate based on gender.

Poverty by Age and Gender

Poverty by Age and Gender in Round Rock TXNumber of People in PovertyPercentage in Poverty
Women - Age 18 to 247768.18
Men - Age 18 to 246657.01
Women - Age 25 to 341,05611.1
Men - Age 25 to 344314.55
Women - Age 35 to 448008.44
Men - Age 35 to 444104.32
Women - Age 45 to 543844.05
Men - Age 45 to 543383.57
Women - Age 55 to 641631.72
Men - Age 55 to 641561.65
Women - Age 65 to 741811.91
Men - Age 65 to 74951
Women - Age 75+2212.12
Men - Age 75+520.5

As you can see from the chart above, there are more women than men living in poverty in Round Rock, with the highest rates of poverty shown in women between the ages of 25 to 34.

Following the information above, the difference in poverty levels between the genders is highest during the ages when women are most likely to have children, narrowing considerably in their late 40s and early 50s, and expanding again as people age into their 70s.

According to Data USA, 8.2 percent of people in Round Rock live below the poverty line, which is considerably lower than the nationwide average of 13.4 percent. Given what we saw in the previous section on salary, and given that women are paid less than men, it makes sense that more women would be in poverty than men.

People living in poverty are likely to spend much more of their income on car insurance, making it more likely that they don’t carry collision and comprehensive coverage or other types of insurance that could protect them financially.

Poverty by Race and Ethnicity

Poverty statistics can be broken down in a number of ways, including by race and ethnic group. In Round Rock, the number of people in poverty by ethnic group was:

  • White/Caucasian – 6,976 people
  • Hispanic – 4,609 people
  • African American – 1,346 people
  • Other – 258 people

Data USA’s statistics reveal that white ethnic groups are the most common demographic living below the poverty line, followed by Hispanics second, and African Americans third.

Employment by Occupations

The lower-than-average poverty rates in Round Rock are easy to understand when you see that the city’s employment rate grew 4.35 percent between 2016 and 2017.

The most common occupations in Round Rock are office/administrative support occupations, employing 8,656 people, management occupations, employing 8,169 people, and sales and related occupations, which employs 6,618 people.

In comparison to other areas, Round Rock has a higher-than-expected number of people employed in computer and mathematical occupations.

Driving in Round Rock

Just because Round Rock isn’t a big city doesn’t mean driving there isn’t a challenge sometimes. Being located between San Antonio and Austin means there are a lot of people commuting through the city, often translating to more traffic and more accidents.

Below is a comprehensive guide to getting around in Round Rock,.

Roads in Round Rock

Driving in Round Rock doesn’t have to be a hassle. A little knowledge of the city, including major highways, local traffic laws, and weather conditions, can go a long way to improving your commute. Take advantage of your local resources and find out more about driving in Round Rock below.

Major Highways

They say everything is bigger in Texas, but it isn’t just size that is impressive in the Lone Star State. Texas tends to have more of everything, too, including highways, with an astonishing 25 interstates running across the state. These 25 interstates make up 3,501.15 miles of roadway in Texas. The active interstates are as follows:

  • I-2
  • I-10
  • I-14
  • I-20
  • I-27
  • I-30
  • I-35
  • I-35E
  • I-35W
  • I-37
  • I-40
  • I-44
  • I45
  • I-69
  • I-110
  • I-410
  • I-610
  • I-820
  • I-635
  • I-345
  • I-69C
  • I-69E
  • I-69W
  • I-169
  • I-369

The only highway that goes through Round Rock is I-35.

Interstate 35 is the ninth-longest interstate in the United States, stretching 1,568.38 miles across the central part of the country, connecting Round Rock to other major cities such as San Antonio and Dallas, expanding beyond the state into Oklahoma and all the way up to Duluth, Minn. at the end of the line.

Popular Road Trips/Sites

  • Must-See Texas Monuments and Institutions – Everything from the Marfa lights to the infamous bat bridge in Austin made the list of iconic places to visit in the state, so fill up your tank and head out on the road to check out these amazing sights.
  • Dog-Friendly Austin — Check out some pet-friendly places to eat and drink in Austin. Bring your dog out for a night on the town in the state capital.
  • Best Spring Road Trip Ideas – Nearby Texas Hill Country made this list of best spring road trips in the United States, and for good reason. It is an incredibly beautiful scenic area, with delicious wine tours and bluebonnets as far as the eye can see.
  • Tulips in the Spring – There is a brand new pick-your-own tulip farm opening just south of Round Rock, giving you the ability to wander around a gorgeous flower farm before picking a bouquet for your loved ones.
  • Beautiful Places in San Antonio – Looking for a local road trip to occupy your time? Check out some of the most beautiful places in nearby San Antonio for a fun-filled day on the road.
  • Texas Barbecue – A short trip will take you to any number of fantastic barbecue restaurants, some of which have won the distinction of being named the best in the state.
  • Swimming In The Summer — These Austin swimming holes are just a short drive away for residents of Round Rock.

These are just a few of the things you can see and do near Round Rock. Texas is brimming with ways to keep yourself cultured, fed, and entertained, so there’s no shortage of things to do with your time.

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Road Conditions

A study by the National Transportation Research Group recorded the pavement conditions and extra vehicle operating costs in urban areas with populations of 500,000 or more. While Round Rock was not big enough to be part of their study, Austin was included, reflecting the following road conditions:

  • Poor share — 16 percent
  • Mediocre share — 32 percent
  • Fair share —  8 percent
  • Good share — 44 percent
  • Vehicle operating costs — $507

The Texas Department of Transportation provides frequent updates on any roadway projects both in and around Austin and Round Rock to improve road conditions for drivers, so watching the local news or checking their website often are both excellent ways of keeping yourself informed about roadwork in the area.

Does Round Rock use speeding or red light cameras?

Each year hundreds of people die and tens of thousands of people are injured by drivers running red lights across the nation.

In 2017, 890 people in the United States were killed in a crash where at least one of the drivers ran a red light. More than 50 percent of those killed were people who were hit by the red light runner, including pedestrians, as well as drivers and passengers in the other vehicle. Nationwide, an estimated 132,000 people were injured in accidents involving a red-light violation.

Many states, including Texas until very recently, have installed cameras to catch people running a red light, but just how helpful are red-light cameras, actually?

A recent IIHS study comparing large cities with red-light cameras to those without found that cities who use the devices reduced the fatal red-light running crash rate by 21 percent and the rate of all other types of crashes at intersections by 14 percent.

Texas recently passed a law banning red-light cameras due to a fear of violation of privacy, but this means that the state will lose out on this source of revenue, and the accident rate due to red light violations is likely to increase by 30 percent or more.

Vehicles in Round Rock

Every city has its own unique trends when it comes to vehicle ownership, and Round Rock is no different. These trends are interesting, but it is also important to understand speed traps, vehicle theft rates, and other car-related statistics in your city.

Most Popular Vehicles Owned

According to, 41 percent of the cars owned by drivers in nearby Austin are American cars, and people in Texas are more likely than people in Northern states to choose a vehicle with a V-8 engine.

Given Austin’s reputation for being more liberal than the rest of the state, it isn’t surprising that the Honda Fit is the most unusually popular vehicle owned by city residents.

How Many Cars Per Household

The average household in Round Rock has two vehicles, with 27,600 households, or 46 percent of Round Rock residents having two vehicles in 2017. This is far more than the 13,700 households who have three cars and the 10,500 households that have only one vehicle.

There are 4,800 households that have four cars and 2,200 households with five or more, but the number of households that don’t have a vehicle at all is a surprising 893, which means there are a significant number of people who get by with only bikes, walking, and public transportation.

Households Without a Car

While most Round Rock residents own at least two vehicles, there are plenty of households that don’t have a car at all. The data below (from 2015 and 2016) shows just what percentage of people are getting by with their feet, bicycles, and rideshare apps.

Jurisdiction2015 Households Without A Vehicle2016 Households Without A Vehicle
Brownsville, Texas7.60%9.60%
Round Rock, Texas2.80%2.70%
San Angelo, Texas8.20%6.10%
San Antonio, Texas8.40%8.30%

Speed Traps in Round Rock

When a driver is speeding and a police officer appears out of a hidden spot to issue a ticket, that’s considered a speed trap.

Speed traps are places where police officers conceal themselves and their cars or motorcycles, using radar guns to track the speed of passing vehicles. Theoretically, speed traps are supposed to encourage drivers to go the speed limit, but they also allow the city to bring in significant amounts of revenue.

While Round Rock didn’t make the list of most speed traps in the state, Austin is ranked second out of the top 10 worst speed traps in the state.

Vehicle Theft in Round Rock

RankMake/ModelYear of VehicleYearThefts
1Ford Pickup (Full Size)200620067,897
2Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)200420046,158
3Dodge Pickup (Full Size)200420042,898
4Honda Accord199719971,626
5GMC Pickup (Full Size)201520151,450
6Honda Civic200020001,371
7Chevrolet Tahoe200420041,148
8Toyota Camry201420141,030
9Nissan Altima20122012957
10Chevrolet Impala20072007898

If your vehicle is stolen, replacing it would be covered under your comprehensive coverage, but the possibility of replacing your stolen car doesn’t stop all the sad and angry feelings that go along with having your car stolen.

It might seem a little shocking, but vehicle theft isn’t just a concern for people with new, expensive cars — the most commonly stolen vehicles are often older family sedans or minivans.

This means that the people most likely to have their cars stolen are also the most likely to avoid comprehensive coverage in the first place.

Choosing not to purchase comprehensive coverage can keep your insurance costs low, but remember that a liability-only policy won’t protect you in case of car theft. If your car is one of the ones on the chart of most commonly stolen vehicles above, you may want to think carefully about buying comprehensive coverage.

Below is a chart of the FBI crime statistics in Round Rock during 2017 whose population is 127,354:

Violent Crime154
Murder and Manslaughter1
Aggravated Assault90
Property Crime2,494
Motor Vehicle Theft58

According to Neighborhood Scout, these are the safest neighborhoods in Round Rock:

  • Fm 1431 / Sam Bass Road
  • Hillside Drive / Great Oaks Drive
  • Barlow Drive / Conchos Valley Drive
  • Route 79 / County Road 110
  • Forest Ridge Boulevard / Red Bud Lane
  • Fm 1431 / Vista Hills Boulevard
  • Westinghouse Road / Frontage Road
  • Round Rock Avenue / Chisholm Trail
  • Double Creek Drive / Ray Berglund Boulevard
  • Kiphen Road / Fm 1460

Below is a table showing the annual crime rate in Round Rock:

Round Rock Annual CrimesViolent CrimesProperty Crimes


Another important factor to consider when thinking about driving and car insurance is the local traffic in Round Rock. Below are detailed accounts of traffic congestion, busiest roads, transportation options, and much more.

Traffic Congestion in Round Rock

Because of Round Rock’s size, there isn’t much information regarding traffic congestion in the city. We do, however, have the traffic information for Austin from the Inrix Scorecard.

Urban Area2018 Impact Rank (2017)Hours Lost in CongestionYear-Over-Year ChangeCost of Congestion (Per Driver)Inner City Travel Time (Minutes)Inner City Last Mile Speed (MPH)
Austin, TX84 (89)104 (108)-2%$1,452513

Traffic in Round Rock is less congested and easier to navigate than Austin, predominantly because the population of the city is much lower than Austin, but Round Rock still has plenty of traffic.

Keep in mind that traffic congestion isn’t just a nuisance. It contributes to your overall commute time and increases the number of accidents on the road, both of which can raise your insurance premiums.

Minor changes, such as leaving for work a little earlier or carpooling, can be an easy way to reduce the time you spend in traffic. You can also take public transit to work or arrange to work from home for part of the week to further reduce your commute time. This can help keep your premiums low.


The average commute time in Round Rock is 23.4 minutes, which comes in just below the national average of 25.5 minutes.

About 1.3 percent of commuters in Round Rock have what is referred to as a super commute, which means they’re driving 90 minutes or more each way, though the numbers don’t specify if that is a driving commute or if they’re including bikes and public transit in their calculations.

At the other end of the spectrum, just over 2 percent of commuters in Round Rock are lucky enough to have a commute of fewer than five minutes each way.

In 2017, a stunning 81.6 percent of people in Round Rock commuted to work alone, which unfortunately means the majority of cars on the road during rush hour have only one person in them.

Another 8.49 percent of commuters in Round Rock carpooled to work, while a lucky 6.9 percent of people worked at home, which means their commute was completely virtual.

Unfortunately, less than 1 percent of people in the city use public transportation to get to and from work, while another 1 percent of people walked to and from work each day. An increase in the number of people walking and using public transit would go a long way in helping reduce traffic congestion in Round Rock.

Busiest Highways

According to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, Austin-Round Rock has 15 of the most congested highways in the state of Texas. These delays waste 23.9 million gallons of fuel and cost drivers in the city $1.3 billion each year. The busiest roads include I-35, US 290, and US 183.

How safe are Round Rock streets and roads?

When considering how safe you are driving on the streets of Round Rock, you’ll need to think about the number of fatalities on the roads in a given year.

Fatalities by County20142015201620172018

Traffic fatalities can have a number of causes, but a sizable number of them are caused by people driving under the influence.

Fatalities Involving An Alcohol-Impaired Driver by County20142015201620172018

Additionally, a number of fatalities are caused by drivers going over the speed limit.

Speeding-Related Fatalities by County20142015201620172018

It isn’t just speeding and drinking that causes accidents, however. Below is a table of fatalities caused by roadway departures.

Fatalities Involving a Roadway Departure by County20142015201620172018

A large number of fatalities involve traveling through intersections, so you need to be cautious when doing so.

Fatalities Involving A Crash In An Intersection by County20142015201620172018

Below are the passenger car occupant fatality statistics for Williamson County and the surrounding counties:

Passenger Car Occupant Fatalities by County20142015201620172018

There are also a surprisingly high number of pedestrian fatalities in Travis County. Williamson County pedestrian fatalities are in the low single digits:

Pedestrian Fatalities by County20142015201620172018

In comparison, the number of pedal cyclist fatalities in all the surrounding counties are in the single digits:

Pedalcyclist Fatalities by County20142015201620172018

Below is a chart of data from the NHTSA regarding highways in the state of Texas with the most fatal crashes, broken down by road type.

Road FunctionFatalities
Collector Arterial627
Freeway and Expressway259
Interstate - Rural225
Interstate - Urban469
Minor Arterial717
Principal Arterial - Other1,108
Total Fatalities3,642

An arterial road is another way to describe a high-capacity urban road. An arterial road may be categorized either as a highway or a minor arterial road based on the level of traffic in the region.

Collector roads do exactly that: collect traffic from local roadways and direct it to arterial roads. The table above shows that a significant number of Texas’ fatal crashes take place on minor arterial and collector roads.

Additionally, railroad and highway crash incidents are also contributors to current road dangers in Round Rock.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) provides data regarding fatalities and injuries in Williamson County.

Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report

Another important thing to take into consideration when choosing car insurance in Round Rock is how drivers in the city compare to the rest of the nation. According to Allstate’s Best Drivers in America Report, Round Rock didn’t make the list, but Austin is ranked as the 160th safest city to drive in as of 2018.

The average time between claims in Austin is 7.6 years, which means Austin residents are doing an excellent job of avoiding accidents.


If you want to take advantage of ridesharing services in Round Rock, it’s key to know what options are available to you and the rates you can expect.

At the moment there are only two official rideshare companies in Round Rock — Bounce and RideAustin. There may be other companies in the area, such as Uber or Lyft, but those aren’t included on the RideGuru site.

E-star Repair Shops

If you’ve been in an accident and are in need of repairs, an E-star repair shop might be just what you need. E-star is a program sponsored by Esurance to help you find the best repair shops in your area.

Below is a list of the top five repair shops in Round Rock and the surrounding area, according to Estar:

Repair ShopAddress
CALIBER - AUSTIN - HIGHWAY 62012322 Hwy RR 620 N Austin, TX
CALIBER - ROUND ROCK - MAYS1809 N Mays Rd Round Rock, TX
SERVICE KING LEANDER102025 E Crystal Falls Pkwy Leander, TX


Round Rock residents enjoy mostly mild weather in the cooler months and hot, humid temperatures during the summer months. Though they don’t have statistics specifically for Round Rock, the following table reveals the U.S. Climate Data’s stats regarding average temperatures in Austin.

Austin Weather AveragesMeasurements
Annual high temperature:79.8°F
Annual low temperature:59°F
Average temperature:69.4°F
Average annual precipitation - rainfall:34.25 inch

It may seem odd to read about weather and natural disasters in an article about car insurance, but these things affect your insurance rates and the likelihood that you will file a claim.

Williamson County has a higher than average number of natural disasters, including fires, hurricanes, floods, storms, tropical storms, and tornadoes. If your car is damaged in a natural disaster, you’d file a claim through your comprehensive insurance coverage.

Liability pays for the damages you cause to other people and their vehicles, and collision pays for damages to your car if you’re in an accident, but comprehensive is the coverage you need to protect yourself from damages caused by issues such as weather, vandalism, and theft.

Public Transit

The public transit system in Round Rock is through Capital Metro, which offers bus service (both regular and express) along with metro rail services in Austin. They even have a Round Rock-specific transit system, including a paratransit service offering specialized services to people with disabilities who have difficulty accessing public transit.

Local FaresPrices
Single Ride$1.25
Single Ride, Reduced$0.60
Day Pass$2.50
Day Pass, Reduced$1.25
7-Day Pass$11.25
31-Day Pass$41.25
31-Day Pass, Reduced$20.60

Alternate Transportation

If a bus or a car just isn’t what you’re looking for today, a scooter or bike rental might be perfect for you. Whether you’re planning a weekend trip into the city or just want to get some exercise, these are the most popular options for scooter or bike rentals in Austin and the surrounding areas, including Round Rock.

  • Bird — The company offers scooter rentals for a per-minute fixed rate, depending on your location. Bird also offers monthly rentals in case you need a scooter for a while but you don’t want to purchase one of your own.
  • Lime — Lime offers both scooter and bike rentals for a fixed rate. You’ll need to check the app for costs, however, as these fluctuate based on the time of day, day of the week, and specific location.

Parking in Metro Areas

There are two places in Round Rock where on-street parking is restricted to neighborhood residents only during specific times: near Round Rock High School (Lake Creek West Parking District) and Old Town Elementary School (Plantation Cove Parking District).

Residents can get a permit from the Planning and Development Services Department at no cost by providing proof of residency. Residents who have not yet obtained a permit can have a ticket dismissed if they get a permit within 30 days.

If you have an electric car, you can find one of the many charging stations available locally by using an interactive map.

Air Quality in Round Rock

The vehicular traffic in Austin and Round Rock contributes significantly to the air quality in the city. While strict government regulations and vast improvements in automobile technology have reduced emissions for vehicles over the years, cars still produce a hefty amount of air pollution.

The table below explains the air quality in the Austin-Round Rock area, based on data drawn from the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2018, 2017, and 2016 reports.

YearDays With AQIGood DaysModerate DaysUnhealthy Days for Sensitive GroupsAQI MaxAQI 90th PercentileAQI Median# Days NO2# Days O3# Days PM2.5# Days PM 10


If you are serving or have ever served in any branch of the U.S. military, you may be eligible for discounts for car insurance in Round Rock.

Military Veterans by Service Period

As of 2017, 2,032 people in Round Rock have served or are serving in the Gulf War (2001 and onward) while 1,751 people served in the Gulf War of the 1990s. Another 1,861 people served in Vietnam, while 206 people served in the Korean War or World War II.

The population of current or former service members residing in Round Rock who fought in the Gulf War (2001 and onward) is noticeably higher than the number of personnel who served in any other conflict.

Military Bases within an Hour

There are three military bases in or around Austin:

  • Camp Mabry
  • Fort Hood
  • Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

Military Discounts by Providers

Some insurance companies offer discounts for members of the military, though they often have restrictions, such as only being available for active members or only being available in certain cities. Below is a list of companies that offer a military discount, though they may not all apply to you or your situation.

  • Allstate
  • Esurance
  • Farmers
  • Geico
  • Liberty Mutual
  • MetLife
  • Safe Auto
  • Safeco
  • State Farm
  • The General
  • USAA

USAA Available in Texas

USAA is an insurance company that offers coverage in Texas and is only available to military members and their families. Their rates tend to be much lower than the rates available through other companies, so if you are or were a member of the military it might be best for you to reach out to USAA for a quote.

Unique City Laws

Hands-Free Laws

In 2017, the state of Texas made it illegal to text while driving. First-time offenders could be fined upwards of $99, while repeat offenders could be fined up to $200. The law is specific to reading, sending, or writing messages, so it doesn’t include making phone calls.

Food Trucks

When it comes to food trucks in Round Rock, permits are issued to the property owner of the hosting site. There are two types of permits available:

  • Long-term permits — These are issued to the property owner and are valid for a calendar year if the site meets the requirements for this type of permit.
  • Short-term permits — These are issued to the property owner of the site where the food truck will be parked. A new permit will be required for each event. Only four permits, each good for up to three consecutive days, per calendar year are allowed.

Parking Laws

As for tourists and residents, parking in downtown Round Rock is free and plentiful, but if you’re looking for a parking garage there are a few available, including:

City Hall Parking Garage
111 S. Lampasas St.
Round Rock, TX 78664

Mass Transit Parking Garage
310 W. Bagdad Ave.
Round Rock, TX 78664

Traffic and parking laws can also affect tiny homes. There are two different kinds of tiny homes: a house on wheels (which is legally categorized with RVs) or a tiny house built on a foundation, often built as a mother-in-law apartment on a larger plot of land.

Tiny Homes

To find out if your tiny house needs special zoning or if you have other concerns about your tiny home, check with the Round Rock Housing Authority.

Round Rock Car Insurance FAQs

If you still have questions about living and driving in Round Rock, below are some of the most frequently asked questions about car insurance in the area.

#1 – What is the weather like in Round Rock?

If you’re considering relocating to Round Rock, the weather is no joke. While the winter months are relatively mild, the summer weather is much more extreme, with several months of the year where the temperature sometimes reaches triple digits.

Even when you avoid days over 100 degrees, the temperatures rest comfortably in the mid-to-high 90s, making the city uncomfortable for people who aren’t used to the heat.

In fact, Round Rock was number 72 on the list of top 101 cities with the highest daily temperatures, so people who aren’t comfortable in the heat should think twice before moving to Round Rock.

#2 – What is the cost of living in Round Rock?

The cost of living in Round Rock is typically higher than average, with a median home price of $275,800 and utilities that, on average, tend to be more expensive than other places.

#3 – What are the minimum car insurance requirements in Round Rock?

Your required minimum coverage levels are set by the state, so in Round Rock, they are as follows:

Property damage – $25,000 per accident
Bodily injury – $30,000 per person, $60,000 per accident

Keep in mind that these are minimum levels of coverage, not maximum, and given that the cost of most new vehicles is more than $25,000, most drivers should strongly consider having higher levels of coverage in place.

#4 – Is Texas an at-fault state?

Like the majority of states in the country, Texas is an at-fault state. This means that, in the event of an accident, the person at fault is responsible for the financial costs associated with the accident.

If you’re hit by another driver, you can file a claim with their insurance company or take them to court to cover any damages you’ve suffered. On the other hand, if you hit someone else, they also have the same rights, so make sure you have sufficient liability coverage in place to protect your financial interests.

Because at-fault versus no-fault is determined at a state level, Round Rock drivers will be held to the same rules as the rest of the state when it comes to who is responsible for the damages caused in an accident.

#5 – How long do I have to transfer my out-of-state license in Round Rock?

The law in Texas states that you have 90 days to transfer your license upon moving to the state. However, if you own a vehicle you have only 30 days to transfer the title.

You will need to visit a Texas DPS office in person to transfer your license. You’ll need to bring proof of identity, proof of residency, proof of insurance and registration, and your out-of-state license with you when you go, so make sure you have all your paperwork in order.

Also, make sure you have everything you need to get a REAL ID. They will be required across the nation as of October 2020, so don’t wait to get your ID updated accordingly.

#6 – Where is the airport closest to Round Rock?

The closest airport to Round Rock is the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, made up of the South terminal and the Barbara Jordan terminal. The airport is quite a sight, with live music, shopping, dining, and plenty of other entertainment options.

Additionally, San Antonio International Airport is in Northern San Antonio, about eight miles away from the downtown area. It has two terminals, A and B, so make sure you know which terminal you need before you head to the airport.

#7 – What amenities are there for families with young children?

While Round Rock does have some things to entertain your family, it’s nearby Austin that has a ton of attractions to keep your family entertained over the course of the year.

Round Rock’s attractions include the Rock ‘n’ River Family Aquatic Center, Round Rock Express, Memorial Park, and the Round Rock Public Library.

To expand your options, head into Austin and check out the Austin Zoo, tour the State Capitol building, the Bullock Texas State History Museum, the bat bridge, or one of the dozens of tours — haunted tours, Segway tours, boat tours, art tours, and many more.

#8 – Do a lot of people speak Spanish in Round Rock?

The answer to this question is more complex than it seems. About 30 percent of the people living in Round Rock are Hispanic or Latino, so the odds are good that you’ll find plenty of Spanish speakers in the city.

However, another 20 percent of the population in Round Rock is not white or Hispanic, so you’ll probably hear more than English and Spanish being spoken in Round Rock.

#9 – Will I need insurance if I don’t have a car?

If you don’t drive, you don’t need to worry about car insurance.

However, if you regularly rent cars, borrow cars, or otherwise find yourself behind the wheel of a car, it might be in your best interest to look into a non-owner’s policy. There are other options, of course — for example, if you rent cars with any regularity, you might be able to sign up for a supplemental policy through the rental agency.

Just remember, not owning a car doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t need to be protected financially in case of an accident. Reach out to an insurance agent in Round Rock if you have questions about your specific situation.

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