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Car Insurance in Lubbock, TX [Cheap Rates + Best Coverage]

Lubbock, TX Statistics Details
Population 252,514
Population Density 2,199 people per square mile
Average Cost of Insurance $5,275.25
Cheapest Provider USAA
Road Conditions Poor: 39%
Mediocre: 24%
Fair: 5%
Good: 32%
Vehicle Operating Costs (VOC)$801

Car insurance isn’t something most people get excited about, but car insurance in Texas is legally required and should be on everyone’s shopping list before purchasing a car.

Sifting through car insurance companies can be a headache, though. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you. If you are wondering what car insurance you should get in Lubbock, look no further.

We will cover everything from what factors affect your rates to the best providers so that you can make an informed decision when picking your car insurance provider.

We will also look at important information on the city’s environment, such as crime rates and crash rates. Stick with us, because we are going to jump right into it.

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Table of Contents

The Cost of Car Insurance in Lubbock

Cost is usually a factor in the final decision of choosing products or services. Shopping for car insurance is no different. We all want to make sure we are receiving a good deal so that we aren’t pouring extra money into car insurance each month.

Knowing which provider actually offers the best deal, though, can be difficult. While every company promises it has the best rates, this is not always true.

That’s why we are going to start by going through everything you need to know about the cost of car insurance in Lubbock. We will look at the demographics that affect rates, as well as which companies offer the best rates.

– Male vs. Female vs. Age

Most people know that age can impact rates, especially for teenage drivers. Because the median age in Lubbock is 29.4 years, though, most drivers will have normal rates.

Let’s take a look at Lubbock’s rates based on age.

Age 17253560 Cheapest Age
Average Annual Rate $7,591.97$3,184.30$2,560.57$2,404.5860

The cheapest age to be in Lubbock is 60, while teenagers have the highest rates (as expected). What most people don’t know, though, is that in addition to age, gender can also impact rates.

Typically, males have higher rates than females because insurers consider males to be riskier drivers.

  • Male Average Annual Rate: $3,935
  • Female Average Annual Rate: $3,719.53

Let’s combine age and gender to see Lubbock’s typical rates at most providers.

Married 60-year old female$2,342.02
Married 60-year old male$2,467.15
Married 35-year old female$2,523.67
Married 35-year old male$2,597.47
Single 25-year old female$3,088.20
Single 25-year old male$3,280.40
Single 17-year old female$6,924.22
Single 17-year old male$8,259.71

In every age group, females pay less than males for car insurance.

– Cheapest Zip Codes in Lubbock

In every city, there are good and bad areas. Insurers are aware of which areas are dodgier and charge accordingly. If you live in an area with a higher crime rate (or an area known for flooding or other natural disasters), you can expect to be charged more.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the area rates for Lubbock.

Zip CodeAverage Annual Rate
79424 $5,275.25
79407 $5,317.70
79423 $5,379.91
79413 $5,385.08
79414 $5,406.63
79416 $5,407.95
79410 $5,412.08
79406 $5,589.08
79401 $5,699.35
79412 $5,717.48
79411 $5,723.76
79415 $5,757.54
79403 $5,818.68
79404 $5,833.21
79409 $5,835.63
79402 $6,504.20
79430 $7,732.63

For the most part, Lubbock’s zip codes are close in cost to each other, but two zip codes jump up significantly in price. If you live in the 79430 or 79402 zip code areas, expect your rates to be higher.

– What’s the Best Car Insurance Company in Lubbock?

It can be hard to pick out an insurance company. With so many companies advertised on the TV and radio, how do you know which company is actually best for your needs?

To help you see which company has the best rates for you, we are going to break down everything from the cheapest providers to how your driving record affects rates.

So let’s jump right into it.

– Cheapest Car Insurance Rates by Company

Let’s take a look at which companies have the cheapest rates in Lubbock. Just keep in mind that cheaper rates don’t necessarily mean a company is best for you.

Make sure to also look at what a company charges for your demographic and its customer satisfaction ratings.

GroupSingle 17-year old femaleSingle 17-year old maleSingle 25-year old femaleSingle 25-year old maleMarried 35-year old femaleMarried 35-year old maleMarried 60-year old femaleMarried 60-year old maleAverage
State Farm$4,928.64$6,290.66$2,213.74$2,279.30$2,032.25$2,032.25$1,812.00$1,812.00$2,925.11
American Family$7,431.57$9,743.09$4,103.20$4,674.33$2,881.11$3,200.74$2,654.33$3,036.76$4,715.64

The data above shows that even if a company has an overall cheaper rate, its rate for a certain demographic can be higher. For instance, while State Farm’s overall rate is cheaper than GEICO’s, State Farm charges more for teenage drivers.

– Best Car Insurance For Commute Rates

The average driver in Texas travels 15,533 miles a year. This means most insurers will consider the average Texas driver to have a long commute and will charge accordingly.

At most companies, the more you drive the more you pay. This is because the longer you are on the road there is a higher chance of you getting in an accident.

Group10 Miles Commute. 6000 Annual Mileage.25 Miles Commute. 12000 Annual Mileage.Average
State Farm$2,925.11$2,925.11$2,925.11
American Family$4,715.64$4,715.64$4,715.64

As the table above shows, not all insurers will charge more for a long commute. Those that do charge more generally charge about an extra $100.

– Best Car Insurance for Coverage Level Rates

In case of an accident, high coverage will provide you with the best protection, but people will sometimes choose low or medium coverage because of high coverage’s price.

Don’t let the price differences discourage you. High coverage doesn’t have to cost you an exorbitant amount. By shopping around at providers, you can find a rate that fits your budget.

Below are the rates for different Lubbock companies’ coverage levels.

State Farm$2,768.08$2,916.88$3,090.36$2,925.11
American Family$4,399.83$4,548.68$5,198.41$4,715.64

Allstate has the most expensive rates for high coverage, while USAA has the cheapest. As well, at companies like State Farm, the leap from low to high coverage is actually under $500.

– Best Car Insurance for Credit History Rates

Credit history is important to insurers. It tells insurers if the customer is responsible at paying off monthly bills. With bad credit score customers, the insurer risks not being paid on time.

Because of this, insurers hike up prices for customers with a bad credit score.

State Farm$4,142.05$2,578.48$2,054.78$2,925.10
American Family$6,504.30$4,081.83$3,560.80$4,715.64

Generally, bad credit will cost you at LEAST an extra $1,000. At companies like Allstate, this number will reach about $3,000.

– Best Car Insurance for Driving Record Rates

Equally as important as your credit history is your driving record. If insurers see past accidents, DUIs, or speeding violations on your record, they will consider you to be a riskier driver to ensure.

After all, if you have numerous speeding violations on your record, you are likely to speed again, which increases your risks of being in an accident.

The table below shows how Lubbock insurers increase rates for each driving offense.

GroupClean recordWith 1 speeding violationWith 1 DUIWith 1 accidentAverage
State Farm$2,592.36$2,592.36$3,533.61$2,982.09$3,036.02
American Family$4,303.42$4,303.42$4,792.52$5,463.20$4,853.05

DUIs and accidents will have more of an impact on your rates than speeding violations, although speeding violations will still raise your rates.

To avoid paying hundreds or thousands of dollars more each year, try to keep as clean a driving record as possible by driving carefully and following traffic laws.

– Car Insurance Factors in Lubbock

There are still more factors beyond gender and driving history that influence rates. For instance, a poor city economy can contribute to poor credit score, which in turn hikes up rates.

So let’s jump into everything from incomes to employment in Lubbock.

– Median Household Income 

According to Data USA, the average household in Lubbock earns $47,326 a year. This average income is lower than both the United States and Texas’s average incomes.

Lubbock Median Household Income

Since Lubbock’s median household income is lower, this means that a greater percentage of income will be going to car insurance each month.

The average cost of insurance in Lubbock is $5,275, meaning Lubbock residents are paying 11.15 percent of their income on car insurance.

Wondering what percentage you pay towards car insurance? Check what your percentage is with our free calculator below.


– Homeownership in Lubbock

Owning a home often earns you a better rate on car insurance. Insurers see homeowners as being more responsible, and as a result, insurers also trust homeowners to be more reliable when making monthly car insurance payments.

Whether this is true or not, owning a home means you could save on car insurance.

Let’s take a look at how many residents own a home in Lubbock.

Lubbock Rent vs Own

52.1 percent of Lubbock residents own a home, which is less than the Texas average of 62 percent homeownership. The median value of homes could have something to do with this.

Even though the average Lubbock resident makes less than the average Texas income, the median value of homes is still high.

Lubbock Property Value

The average home in Lubbock is worth $123,800, which isn’t that far below the median value of an average Texas home ($151,500).

– Education in Lubbock

Education is an important part of most people’s success in today’s world. If you are thinking of going into a technical degree field, you’re in luck. Lubbock primarily offers technical universities.

The largest university in Lubbock is Texas Tech University, which awarded 7,714 degrees in 2016.

Lubbock Universities

Lubbock also offers a community college — South Plains College. This community college offers over 100 one to two-year degree programs, with two locations directly in Lubbock (the main campus is in Levelland).

South Plains College also offers online courses, so if a campus is too far away or the classes don’t fit into your busy schedule, you can learn from anywhere.

– Wages by Race and Ethnicity in Common Jobs

Often, wages vary by race and ethnicity even in the same job fields. Let’s take a look at Texas’s wage differences for miscellaneous managers, as well as what percentage is going to car insurance in Lubbock.

Race or Ethnicity Average Salary Percentage of Income Going to Car Insurance
Asian $107,9394.89%
White $103,7675.08%
Two or More Races$89,7145.88%
American Indian$74,9007.04%
Black $73,3117.20%
Other $64,9558.12%
Other Native American $60,6778.69%
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islanders $46,95911.23%

As salaries dip, the percentage of income going to car insurance rises. While the highest paid race or ethnicity (Asians) only pays about 5 percent of income on car insurance, this percentage jumps to 11 percent for the lowest paid race or ethnicity.

– Wage by Gender in Common Jobs

While we have made great strides in gender equality over the last few decades, the wage gap between genders still exists. Data shows that even if females and males have the same job, females will earn less.

The graphic below shows the wage gap in Texas for major jobs.

Lubbock Wage by Gender

The difference in salaries means that females are paying a higher percentage of their income to car insurance.

  • Male Average Salary — $64,953
  • Female Average Salary — $45,959

While females are paying over 11 percent of their income to car insurance, males only pay 8 percent. Clearly, some work still needs to be done on basing pay based on merit, not gender.

– Poverty by Age and Gender

Just like wage gaps, poverty tends to impact more adult females than adult males. Below is information on which demographics are the most poverty-stricken in Lubbock.

Lubbock Poverty by Age and Gender

In almost every age, there are more females than males living in poverty in Lubbock. The exception is males aged 18-24, who are the largest demographic living in poverty in Lubbock (9,158 males).

As well, out of the percentage of people living in poverty in Lubbock, 19.8 percent live BELOW the poverty line.

This percentage number is MUCH higher than the national average of 13.4 percent, which means Lubbock has a higher than the average number of people living in poverty.

– Poverty by Race and Ethnicity

We’ve covered gender, but what about the race or ethnicity of the people living in poverty in Lubbock? Below, you will see which races or ethnicities have the highest percentages of poverty in Lubbock.

Lubbock Poverty by Race and Ethnicity

Whites have the highest number of those in poverty (34,816 people), followed by Hispanics (19,532 people). Other races and ethnicities in Lubbock are far below these numbers.

– Employment by Occupations

Now that we’ve covered education, wages, and poverty, let’s take a look at the three most common types of employment in Lubbock.

  1. Office and Administrative Support Occupations (17,048 people)
  2. Sales and Related Occupations (13,874 people)
  3. Management Occupations (10,288 people)

While Lubbock does have a higher poverty rate, the good news is that employment is slowly growing. Employment grew 2.33 percent from 2016-2017, increasing from 118k employees to 121k employees.

Driving in Lubbock

Driving around a city, especially if you are new to an area, can be confusing and irritating. Traffic, potholes, and limited parking can make for a bad start to your day.

To help you navigate Lubbock’s roads, we are going to look at everything from major roads to traffic. Knowing what to watch out for in the city can help you get to work frustration-free.

So let’s get started.

– Roads in Lubbock

One of the first things we want to look at in the driving process is the roads you’ll drive on every day. From major highways to speeding and red light cameras, we will cover it all here.

– Major Highways

Lubbock has a major highway passing through the city that residents can take — I-27. This highway is one of 25 active routes that run through Texas, making up over 3,500 miles of roadway.

Lubbock Map

The scenic highway of I-27 passes by ranches and farms on its route from Lubbock to Amarillo. There are also plenty of other highways to take to easily get around the city, as the map above shows.

Part of driving on any highway, though, is paying tolls. The easiest way to go through toll booths is to purchase a TxTag so that you won’t have to fumble for change every time you go through a toll.

TxTag stickers cost $7.99, and customers will then set up an account to pay tolls. If you sign up for AutoPay, the sticker will be free.

The good news is that TxTag holders pay the lowest toll on the roads, meaning it could save you money in the long run.

– Popular Road Trips/Sites

You might be wondering what there is to do in Lubbock and it’s neighboring areas. Luckily, there is plenty to do whether you want to find something in the city or take a road trip through Texas.

If you are looking for a road trip, check out the list of fun options below.

  • Fall Foliage Trip — Can’t get enough of pumpkin spice lattes and sweaters? This fall, drive through Texas’s most scenic fall views.
  • Natural Wonders Trip — This road trip passes right through Lubbock and will take you to some of the most beautiful areas in Texas.
  • Taco Road Trip — If you’re a taco enthusiast, this road trip will lead you to all the best taco shops around Lubbock.
  • Haunted Cemetary Trip — Enjoy a bit of a scare? This road trip will lead you to the spookiest haunted cemeteries in Texas.

There’s a lot to do in and around Lubbock, so next time you are feeling restless try planning a day or weekend road trip.

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– Road Conditions

To see how tough Lubbock’s roads are going to be on your car, let’s take a look at Lubbock’s road conditions.

Lubbock Road ConditionsDetails
Poor 39%
Mediocre 24%
Fair 5%
Good 32%
Vehicle Operating Costs (VOC)$801

Unfortunately, Lubbock has a fairly high percentage of roads in poor and mediocre conditions. Only 32 percent of the roads are in good condition, meaning the other 70 percent are in less than good condition.

The poor condition of the roads could be part of the reason it costs over $800 to operate a vehicle in Lubbock.

– Lubbock Speeding and Red Light Cameras

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), Lubbock does NOT use speeding or red light cameras. However, many other cities in Texas do use red light cameras to catch people running red lights.

Lubbock did attempt to put up red light cameras in 2007, and multiple residents received $75 dollar fines for running red lights. A year later, these red light cameras were removed.


Because Lubbock saw an increase in rear-end collisions at intersections after the red light cameras were installed. Because of the disastrous experience Lubbock had with the cameras and their quick removal, it is doubtful that the cameras will make a reappearance in the future.

And since people are pushing for red light cameras to be banned across Texas, other cities could be following suit.

– Vehicles in Lubbock

We depend on our vehicles to take us where we need to go every day. To see what vehicle ownership is like in Lubbock, we are going to take a look at everything from the number of cars most people own to your chances of having your vehicle stolen.

– Lubbock Cars Per Household

The average household in Lubbock owns a total of two cars.

Lubbock Car Ownership

Other households own one or three cars, with a small percentage having five or more cars.

– Lubbock Households Without a Car

A number of households in Lubbock depend on public transportation or carpooling, as they own zero cars. Below is data on households without cars in Lubbock.

2015 Households without Vehicles2015 Vehicles per Household2016 Households without Vehicles2016 Vehicles per Household

The number of households without cars decreased significantly from 2015-2016. This means that within a year, almost two percent of households gained cars.

– Speed Traps in Lubbock

If you’ve ever sped past a clump of trees to see, to your horror, a cop tucked away on the side of the road, you’ve been the victim of a speed trap.

While speed traps are intended to discourage people from speeding by handing out tickets, speed traps also generate a lot of revenue for the city.

The good news is that Lubbock didn’t make it onto the list of the top 10 worst cities in Texas for speed traps.

While Lubbock isn’t one of the worst cities for speed traps, you may still run into speed traps around the city. Not speeding is the best way to avoid an expensive ticket.

– Vehicle Theft in Lubbock

How safe is your vehicle? According to the FBI’s 2013 crime report, there were 846 vehicles stolen in Lubbock in just one year. This number is quite high for just one city.

To protect your car from theft and vandalism, you may want to make sure you are living in one of the safer neighborhoods in Lubbock.

According to Neighborhood Scout, the safest neighborhood in Lubbock is Hurlwood.

Lubbock Safest Neighborhood

Other safe neighborhoods are the following.

  • Slide
  • Quaker Ave/98th St
  • Milwaukee Ave/98th St
  • Burris
  • Reese Village
  • Chicago Ave/Clinton Ave
  • 82nd St/ Louisville Ave
  • 98th St/Memphis Ave
  • 98th St/Ave P

Choosing one of the areas is a good idea, as Lubbock has problems with crime and gangs (the last thing you want is for your car to be stolen or vandalized).

So if you don’t live in one of these neighborhoods, or you venture into other parts of the city, what are your chances of being the victim of a violent crime?

In Lubbock, you have a one in 191 chance of being the victim of a violent crime. This is a much HIGHER chance than Texas’s chance, where you have a one in 228 chance of being a victim.

Lubbock is much more prone to crime than overall Texas, which is why it’s important to stick to safe areas in Lubbock. The city of Lubbock has a crime index rating of seven, meaning Lubbock is only safer than seven percent of all US cities.

Let’s dig a little further and look at Lubbock’s annual crimes from 2017.

Crime Type Violent Property Total
Number of Crimes 1,32810,19511,523
Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents)5.2340.1645.39

Per 1,000 people, these rates are fairly high. Make sure to purchase comprehensive insurance if you have a car in Lubbock, as comprehensive insurance will cover the costs of damages from vandalized or stolen vehicles.

– Traffic

Traffic is a natural part of living in a city, but some cities have worse traffic congestion than others. To see what Lubbock’s traffic is like, we are going to go through everything from congestion to repair shops in case of an accident.

Let’s dive right in.

– Traffic Congestion in Lubbock

The good news is that Lubbock didn’t make it onto any major traffic scorecards, such as Inrix or TomTom. This doesn’t mean you won’t have to contend with traffic, but it shouldn’t be terrible. 

If you are new to Lubbock, make sure to allow extra time for traffic until you are used to Lubbock’s traffic patterns.

– Transportation

Most Lubbock residents have a 16-minute commute time (or 32 minutes per day). This number is fantastic, and it affirms that most residents aren’t wasting time sitting in traffic each day.

When you consider that the average US worker has a 25.1 minute commute time, Lubbock’s commute time seems even better.

Let’s now take a look at how most Lubbock’s residents are commuting.

Lubbock Commuter Transportation

While a number of residents are driving alone, there are also some who carpool or use public transit.

– How Safe are Lubbock’s Streets and Roads?

When you drive down Lubbock’s streets, just how safe are you? We aren’t talking about crime risks, but rather the risks you face of being in an accident.

To see what the crash risks are in Lubbock, we are going to take a look at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) data on the total number of crashes in 2017.

Lubbock County Fatal Crashes 20132014201520162017
Fatalities 3242404342

Lubbock County’s fatal crashes increased from 2013 to 2014 and consecutively remained above 40 fatal crashes per year. So what causes these crashes? Below is fatalities by the main types of crashes in Lubbock County.

Lubbock County Crash Type 20132014201520162017
Involving an Alcohol-Impaired Driver (BAC 0.8+)1719172424
Single Vehicle Crash2223232224
Involving Speeding 181781112
Involving a Roadway Departure 1515131215
Involving an Intersection or Intersection-Related1013151214

While most of the fatality rates remained fairly stable, fatalities caused by drunk driving shot up in 2016-2017. And car occupants aren’t the only fatalities of crashes.

Pedestrians and pedalcyclists are also at risk of being hit and killed.

Person Type Fatalities20132014201520162017
Passenger Car Occupant 109131411
Pedestrian 29101010
Pedalcyclist 01002

Whenever you walk near a roadway, make sure to pay attention to the road around you.

Another element of NHTSA’s data we want to look at is highways with the most fatal crashes in Texas.

Rural InterstateUrban InterstateFreeway and Expressway Other Minor Arterial Collector Arterial Local Unknown

So what do these road types mean?

  • Arterial Road — Roads designed for heavy traffic areas. These roads can be a main arterial road (a highway) or a minor arterial road.
  • Collector Road — Roads that collect local traffic and takes it to an arterial road.

Most of Texas’s fatal crashes occur on main and minor arterial roads, so make sure to be alert when driving on heavy traffic roads like highways and interstates.

Let’s look a little closer at highway crashes by looking at US DOT’s information on railroad and highway crash incidents in Lubbock County.

Highway User SpeedCalendar YearCountyHighwayHighway User TypeRail Equipment TypeNon-Suicide FatalityNon-Suicide Injury
102013LUBBOCKFM 179 - INTER AVEAutomobileFreight Train00
602013LUBBOCKSPUR331/SOUTHEAST DRPick-up truckYard/Switch10
302014LUBBOCKEAST 40TH STREETPick-up truckYard/Switch00
52015LUBBOCKFARMERS COOPTruck-trailerFreight Train00
02015LUBBOCKEAST 38TH STREETAutomobileYard/Switch00
502015LUBBOCK34TH & ALCOVEAutomobileFreight Train01
402016LUBBOCK50TH STREET EASTTruck-trailerYard/Switch00

If you frequently drive in the areas listed above, make sure to pay attention and drive the speed limit. The last thing you want is to be in an accident with a train.

– Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report

Allstate collected data on claims and hard braking incidents to create America’s Best Driver’s Report. Below is the data on Lubbock.

Average Years Between ClaimsRelative Claim Likelihood (Compared to National Average)2018
Events Per
1,000 Miles
Metro Area
Average Years
Between Claims
Metro Area)
9.37.40%N/ALubbock, TX13.9

Lubbock generally has a long time pass between claims. This means that Lubbock drivers aren’t getting into frequent accidents, as most drivers file a claim every 9-13 years.

– Ridesharing

Ridesharing services have become increasingly popular to avoid DUI charges or simply to get to areas where parking can be a nightmare and its easier to be dropped off.

To make sure you get the best deal on your ride, we are going to list all of Lubbock’s ridesharing services in order of cheapest to most expensive.

  1. Lyft
  2. Uber
  3. Traditional Taxi

A traditional taxi only costs a little more than Uber and Lyft, as long as you don’t purchase Lyft Plus or Uber XL. Generally, Uber and Lyft cost the same in Lubbock.

Make sure to check prices on your trip distance, as doing so could save you a few dollars.

– EStar Repair Shops

Esurance has a program called EStar, which is a collection of the best repair shops in your area. So next time you need repairs, check out EStar shops to make sure you are getting the best prices and service.

Lubbock only has one EStar rated repair shop in the city, which we listed below.

Name of EStar Repair FacilityAddressContact Information
Collision King Repair Center
4905 S Loop 289
Lubbock, TX 79424
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (806) 794-5990
Fax: (806) 794-6211

There are no other EStar rated repair shops within 50 miles of Lubbock. so you may have to find a local repair shop other than an EStar shop. Because the local repair shops aren’t rated on EStar, make sure to check reviews and pricing before picking a local shop.

– Weather

Nobody wants to live in an area with terrible weather, such as a cold, rainy climate. That’s why we are going to take a look at U.S. Climate’s data on Lubbock’s weather.

Lubbock Weather AveragesDetails
Annual High Temperature74.3°F
Annual Low Temperature47°F
Average Temperature60.65°F
Average Annual Precipitation - Rainfall19.18 inches
Average Annual Snowfall9 inches

Lubbock’s average lowest temperature usually doesn’t dip below 47 degrees Fahrenheit, which is why the average snowfall in Lubbock is only nine inches.

So if you’re thinking of building a snowman in Lubbock, be aware that this city isn’t the best for cozy winter fun.

As for natural disasters, Lubbock has experienced 13 natural disasters, which is the same as the U.S. average.

Lubbock’s natural disasters include hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, fires, storms, winds and winter storms.

Because of this, it may be smart to purchase comprehensive coverage, which will cover the cost of damages caused by something other than an accident with another vehicle (such as natural disasters, theft, and vandalism).

– Public Transit

The city of Lubbock has a transit bus system called Citibus. Below are the costs of riding the Citibus in Lubbock (we included fares for adults only, children ride at a discount or free).

  • One Ride Pass — $1.75
  • One Day Pass — $3.50
  • Week Pass — $14.50
  • Month Pass — $50

Seniors, Medicare, and people with disabilities will also receive discounted rates on Citibus.

– Alternate Transportation

If you want to get around in a less traditional manner, you could rent a bike or scooter through Lime.

The cost to rent a Lime scooter varies from city to city, but generally, you pay a small fee to unlock the scooter and then pay per minute for the ride. You must follow safety regulations, such as wearing a helmet and obeying traffic laws.

Another option for scooter rentals is Bird. This rent-a-scooter program works similarly to Lime. You pay a fee to unlock the scooter and then pay per minute.

So if you want to get around the city without driving in a car, make sure to try out a scooter or bike rental (as Lubbock has plenty of options).

– Parking in Metro Areas

Parking in cities can be a nightmare. From expired time limits to limited parking, parking in cities is complicated. To help guide you through Lubbock’s parking, we are going to go through everything from street to satellite parking.

Lubbock offers street parking throughout the city, but it is timed. This means that once your metered time runs out, you could get a ticket. If you live in the city, this could be a problem.

Luckily, Lubbock offers residential parking permits, so that you don’t have to worry about paying fines in a parking spot in front of your house or apartment building.

If you have an electric vehicle, you’ll have to find a charging station rather than a gas station. Unfortunately, Lubbock doesn’t offer too many charging stations for owners of electric vehicles.

There are only four electric vehicle charging stations in Lubbock, and only one is free. Don’t let this discourage you from having an electric vehicle, though.

After all, you are helping make our environment better.

If finding street parking for an electric or gas run vehicle is difficult, you always have the option of choosing a parking deck. Lubbock doesn’t have a high number of parking garages available, and you will have to pay a fee to park.

Lubbock also offers satellite parking at Lubbock’s airport, making it easier to get to the airport.

– Lubbock’s Air Quality

The air you breathe every day affects your health. If you live in a city with a high smog content, you may find yourself coughing and experiencing throat irritation.

The bad news is that the vehicles we drive every day contribute to air pollution. In cities where there is a lot of traffic, air quality can be significantly worse.

To see what type of air you are breathing in in Lubbock, we are going to take a look at the EPA’s data on air quality.

Lubbock Air Quality 201620172018
Days with AQI365350337
Days Good 336337296
Days Moderate281341
Days Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups 1--
Days Unhealthy ---
Days Very Unhealthy ---

Lubbock has only had one day in three years that was considered unhealthy for sensitive groups, which is good news. Lubbock does occasionally have dust storms, though, which could irritate people’s breathing.


The number of military personnel and veterans varies from city to city, as do discounts and opportunities. To help show what Lubbock’s military environment is like, we are going to look at everything from common service periods to USAA’s rates.

After all, car insurance is confusing, especially if there are discounts you can apply for.

So if you are military personnel or a veteran, this section is for you.

– Veterans by Service Period

Lubbock has a large number of veterans who served in Vietnam (3,084 veterans).

Lubbock Veterans by Service Period

A large number of veterans (2,937) also served in the Gulf War (2001-), a percentage that is higher than most US states.

– Military Bases Within an Hour 

There are no military bases near Lubbock within an hour, but there are a few that are still near Lubbock that are under three hours away.

  • Cannon AFB Base Guide
  • Dyess AFB Base Guide
  • Altus AFB

While there aren’t any air force bases within easy driving distance, there are still bases around Lubbock.

– Military Discounts by Providers

If you are military personnel or a veteran, most providers will offer you a discount. Below are known providers of discounts, as well as the percentage saved.

Company Percentage Saved With Discount
Liberty Mutual (must be active duty)4%

*USAA also offers a military garaging discount. 

Serving in the military can earn you up to a 15 percent discount at some providers. Local insurers may also offer discounts, so make sure to always ask when shopping for car insurance.

– USAA in Texas

USAA provides car insurance for military personnel and their families at an affordable price. USAA’s rates are much cheaper than the state average, and it is the cheapest provider in Texas.

Below, you can see Quadrant’s data on how USAA’s rates compare to competitors.

CompanyAverageCompared to State Average ($)Compared to State Average (%)
Allstate F&C$5,485.32$1,556.9828.38%
Geico County Mutual Ins Co.$3,263.39-$664.95-20.38%
Nationwide CCMIC$3,867.57-$60.77-1.57%
Progressive Cty Mtl$4,664.85$736.5115.79%
State Farm Mutual Auto$2,879.95-$1,048.39-36.40%
The Gen Automobile Ins Co Inc$4,849.18$920.8418.99%

Even though other providers are also cheaper than the state average, they still aren’t as low in cost as USAA.

Unique Lubbock City Laws

Understanding city driving laws can be tough. The last thing you want is to get a ticket for a law you didn’t fully understand.

To help you avoid fines, we’ve put together must-know driving laws that are unique to Lubbock City. Stick with us as we cover everything from cellphone laws to parking laws.

Let’s jump right into it so that you can feel confident when driving and parking on Lubbock’s streets.

– Hands-Free Law

The state of Texas has a law regulating cell phone use in the car. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, all drivers are prohibited from texting.

Hand-Held BanYoung Drivers All Cellphone Ban Texting Ban Enforcement
Drivers in school crossing zones/on public school property (during the time the reduced speed limit applies)Drivers younger than 18All driversPrimary

Enforcement is primary, meaning that an officer can pull drivers over and ticket them for texting or being on their phones in prohibited areas.

Texting expands to not just typing a text but also reading texts (this rule applies to anything that involves reading or sending a large body of text, such as sending an email).

Currently, Lubbock hasn’t expanded on Texas’s texting law by making it hands-free, but other cities in Texas have enacted stricter laws prohibiting cellphone use altogether while driving.

– Food Trucks

If you are thinking of operating a food truck in Lubbock, you will have to make sure to follow the city’s rules and laws to avoid a fine.

One of the most important things you’ll need is a City of Lubbock food establishment permit. You will also need to follow the same food safety regulations as restaurants.

Mobile food trucks also have special requirements, such as submitting plans beforehand through the Mobile Food Unit Plan Review form.

You will also need to make sure to park in the proper places, such as not blocking an intersection or fire hydrant.

– Tiny Home

Tiny homes are a perfect solution for those looking to downsize. They also give you the freedom of picking up and moving around whenever you wish.

If you have a tiny home in Lubbock, though, you will need to follow the city’s laws. You will need to park the tiny home in a mobile home park, or, if planning on settling in a lot, make sure to follow instructions (such as placing permanent steps and closing off the crawl space underneath).

Only when your tiny home meets inspection will your utilities be turned on, so make sure to file the proper permits and follow instructions when choosing a spot for your home.

– Parking Laws

Don’t let limited parking tempt you into breaking the law. Parking in the wrong direction will earn you a ticket. So if you see a spot on the other side of the road, don’t pull into it without first legally turning around.

Wrong direction parking is dangerous for both you and other drivers, as you will have to pull into oncoming traffic to get the spot.

At some parking garages, you may be able to reserve parking (limiting the temptation to park the wrong way).

Lubbock Car Insurance FAQs

Moving to a new city can be overwhelming, and the last thing anyone wants is a driving ticket. If you still have questions ab0ut living and driving in Lubbock, we will answer common questions here.

From what you should do in an accident to how safe you are on Lubbock’s streets, check out our FAQs below.

What happens if I’m in an accident? Lubbock is part of an at-fault state, meaning that whoever caused the accident will have to pay both their own and the other driver’s damage and medical costs. This is where having high coverage pays off.

What is it like living in Lubbock? Lubbock is known for being a college town, as Texas Tech University is a major school in Texas. Lubbock is also an affordable place to live compared to other Texas cities, though it is prone to dust storms. There is also plenty to do around the city, from parks to annual musical festivals.

What driving information do I need to update when moving to Lubbock? If you are moving from outside of Texas, you will need to make sure your insurance is updated to meet Texas’s minimum insurance requirements. You will also need a new driver’s license and insurance ID card with your new address.

What are the main languages in Lubbock? You may want to brush up on your Spanish. Besides English, Spanish or Spanish Creole is the most popular language spoken in Lubbock with over 43,597 Spanish speakers.

How safe is the city? Lubbock has a higher crime rate than other cities in Texas, meaning you do have a higher chance of being the victim of a crime. There are also more natural disasters, such as storms and tornadoes. To protect your vehicle, make sure you have the proper coverage.

Whew! You now know everything there is to know about living and driving in Lubbock.

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