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How quickly do changes I make to my policy go into effect?

Car insurance, even when operating within the confines of Texas car insurance requirements, can be customized to fit your personality and the needs of your lifestyle. Whenever you want to, you can calibrate your liability limits to reflect your personal risk level or even lower your coverage if you have decided to purchase an older […]

Is full coverage really full?

When you buy a car, you are essentially making a huge investment that faces a lot of risks. Whenever you are driving your car to work or to school, it could potentially be damaged by the elements or another driver. That’s why it’s vital that you protect your investment against everything that could threaten it. […]

What does it mean when a policy is “fully paid-up”?

According to Texas car insurance requirements, you must have an active car insurance policy if you want to operate a vehicle on any road in the Lone Star State, but, like everything, car insurance costs money. This is why quite a few drivers try to find affordable fully paid-up car insurance policies as it can […]

Once I buy the policy, will I even need to change my insurance coverage?

Buying car insurance is an incredibly important and necessary part of life. Not only is it illegal to drive without car insurance, but driving without an active insurance policy means that you have no protection if you were to cause an accident. You could also end up paying a large fine or worse. Now, once […]

How do I know if I chose the right coverage?

Getting a car insurance policy that meets the Texas car insurance requirements is easy enough, but being knowledgeable about what coverages you need to properly protect you and your assets is another matter. Learning how to choose the right car insurance coverage is important. You want to have enough coverage and are not paying for […]

If I want to add a driver or vehicle to my insurance, do I need to start a new policy?

If you’ve had a family member or a friend move in with you recently and they may need to use your car, you should make sure everything is up to date with your car insurance. You may have conducted an internet search like this: “How to add a driver or vehicle to my insurance.” You’re […]

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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